A Traveler’s Guide to Jet Lag

Travel can be rejuvenating, refreshing, and inspiring. In fact, I always think it is. It doesn’t mean that when you come home that you aren’t tired and a little off when it comes to focus, nutrition, and sleep. You’re also more at risk of getting sick–planes and tourists areas are full of germs! If you like to travel frequently, the rebound time is crucial to cut down if you want to keep hitting the road again and again. I’ve had one of the most active travel years of my life in 2018. Here are a few tips for you to remember before you board your flight home next time:

Don’t plan anything the first day you’re home. Reserve that for sleep, unpacking, checking on your home, and catch up on emails. This is a great rule if you can help it. If you set aside some down time for recovery, then you can get started with even more energy the next day. It’s better than jumping in half-assed and never truly getting back on your a-game.

Get a boost. When I returned from Greece, I knew I would need some extra help. I stopped into Quench IV Bar in Richmond. I opted for the Jet Lag bag. It has B-complex, methyl B12, and vitamin C. You can also add on other items you think you could benefit from including Glutathione for your immune system and magnesium for energy. The staff of nurses can guide you through what will work best for your body and your lifestyle. The IV bar has a variety of cocktails that will help you for other things like being sick, fitness recovery, and skin care.

Hydrate. One of the leading causes of fatigue is degradation. You’re extra dehydrated if you’ve been on a plane. When you come home, make sure you spend the next few days focusing on your water intake. Do whatever it takes to drink more. Add lemon to your water or other tasty additives. Opt for water over other options, even coffee, when you can. Your body will rebound back much faster.

Stock your fridge.  I use Shipt to order my groceries online. When I come home, I want to make sure I jump back into healthy eating. Usually I don’t eat as well on trips. Sticking to a healthy diet also helps me recovery faster and stay energized. If you order your groceries before you even get home, you set yourself up for success!

Get your workouts back on the calendar. I love that mosts of my favorite Richmond area fitness studios use the Mind Body App. I have the app linked to my Google Calendar. So whenever I head home, I go ahead and book my workouts for a week or so out. Not only does that help me health wise, but it keeps me grounded knowing I have a schedule to stick to. Going home with goals is a good way to feel better about taking time off.


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