Having the right laces can be one way to make a pair of shoes stand out. But what about standing out by making your laces blend in? Don’t mess up a monochromatic look with contrasting laces. Find a pair of laces that match your fresh out of box or custom sneakers and create a modern, cohesive look.



These customs by @quonito are sure to have you seeing red in the best way possible. He used Red Shoe Laces with Gold Bullet Aglets to create a matching look with a touch of gold.


(source: @minutemaidpapi)

When creating customs that have such a variety of leather finishes, @minutemaidpapi knows that leather laces are a must. These all black Nikes call for a pair of Black Luxury Leather Laces to keep these shoes monochromatic in color and material.

(source: @lovekattylenoir)

Deep Green Air Jordans by @lovekattylenoir wouldn’t be complete without Hunter Green Roshe-Style Laces to keep everything in the same color pallet.


(source: @sk_thebarber)

@sk_thebarber kept some Jordan 1 in true blue monochrome from laces to sole with Blue Luxury Leather Laces.

Don’t let the wrong pair of laces stand in the way of your monochromatic look.

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